Releasing Dead Weight

I’m an open person to almost everything in life. But, I’ve found my openness poses a problem when it comes to my ability to use discernment with those I let into my energy field. Let me start off by saying both to myself and the universe: I am perfect where I am in my soul’s growth, RIGHT NOW. All of the bumps, bruises, and experiences that I’ve encountered along my journey so far have definitely helped to shape me into the Opal that I am today. I allow myself to accept and love me here and now.

There’s a lot of knowledge that I’ve gained over the years in the realm of taking care of mind, body, and soul. And, there are certain things that resonate more with me personally than others that I am going back to. Eating a pescatarian diet (seafood, fruits, veggies, and no other meat), doing yoga and meditating on a consistent basis helped me to thrive in the past and I am now returning back to self. However, along my journey, I picked up others’ emotional baggage, thoughts, fears and eating habits and made them my own to my detriment. I gained a lot of physical weight while picking up others’ baggage. After realizing that I was being self-destructive, I decided to go back to my ways of self-care that I found success with initially. So now the question is, are you holding onto to dead weight that may be holding you back from stepping into your greatness? Examine all areas of your life right now: emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual health. Are there any habits, people, or energy that are keeping you stagnant? Releasing what no longer serves you will allow you to show up in the world on a new level-no longer shading your light, but BEing the best you can be.

How do you release these things? It starts by taking an honest inventory of where you currently are, identifying the things that are holding you back, and symbolically or physically releasing them. Examples of such release are: making a list of what no longer serves on paper and then burning the list or flushing it down the toilet, or allowing yourself to emotionally go through the list and FEEL how each thing makes you react. The act of FEELING through traumatic experiences allows us to fully process them, and move forward. How many people (including yourself) do you know who have had traumatic experiences and literally shut-down. They didn’t allow themselves to FEEL and their system became overloaded by the attempt to hold on or block the emotions that naturally arise. Holding onto anything that we weren’t meant to creates an imbalance in our system and can also appear in the form of what we label as disease. To support your holistic health, please check in with your mind, body, and spirit today-you may surprised what you find.

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#SolFlow: Take Off Your Cool

Does your soul flow or are you going in slow motion?

#SolFlow is a cool conceptual event that happens every Wednesday at Play Lounge in Baltimore. The intention behind it is to share and celebrate talent, inspire creativity and allow one to become more in touch with their individual soul and therefore the collective soul that I believe we all share. #SolFlow was hosted by Omnia Azar, and featured dope Dj sets and performances by Shawn Smallwood, Blaqstarr, 83 Cutlass, and DP The Emcee.

This event had all the makings for a good time…a beautiful venue, dope DJs and artists, light refreshment and hookah, but there was one thing truly missing from the equation…the shared experience of the soul. The energy of the crowd didn’t lend itself to how I envision the soul flowing. As a person in touch with her feelings, there was definitely an imbalance at hand. They almost didn’t realize they were there to enjoy good music. What audiences don’t understand is that artists LITERALLY need to feel your energy while performing. Because of the dynamics of how energy flows throughout the universe, it definitely becomes a shared EXPERIENCE for all present.

I’m not sure why it’s so difficult for us to peel back our masks and enjoy ourselves. Are we too afraid to reveal our true selves? Or are we only coming to events because we feel forced to? There’s nothing wrong with actually allowing ourselves to feel the music, be present with the moment and the artist who so graciously took their time to share their craft with you. Are we so enamored by our technology that the thought of real interaction with real people has us confused at what to do in a social environment? I swear social media is sometimes the bane to healthy face-to-face interactions. Wake up my people and come out from behind your device…life is way more than what your smartphone can ever possibly give you. Today is another chance. Will you let your guard down and truly let your soul flow? Can you fully enjoy each moment for what it is? Will you allow yourself to be authentic and rock with the beat of life? Or are you struggling to keep a straight face, too scared of the emotions that flow within your being? Time to release yourself…be free, be love, and let your soul flow.

If you would like to be a part of the next #SolFlow experience, please come through to Play Lounge (4 West 21st St., Baltimore, MD) each and every Wednesday from 8pm-11pm for live music, hookah, and pure fun.


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The Host:
Omnia Azar
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The DJs:
Shawn Smallwood
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83 Cutlass
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DP The Emcee
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Reflecting on The Voice

Reflections on The Voice

So…I had the experience of auditioning for NBC’s The Voice today. It’s a very interesting atmosphere with hundreds of hopeful vocalists/musicians ready to show their talent and be “discovered.” I have to admit that I had my mental reservations about even signing up to audition. I’m within the frame of mind that my own self-acceptance of myself and my artistry is enough. I don’t actually believe in the concept of being “discovered” by other people when the first and most important person to be aware of is self. I don’t believe that I need others’ accolades, awards or compliments to be myself. While, yes, they are nice when I get it…they aren’t what I view success as.

Success to me is being able to walk in a room, share my art and walk away knowing that I’ve touched and opened the hearts that were present in the room. Making it far in competition can’t define or affirm that, and I refuse to believe that the only way I can touch someone is through “success” in a competition. My main and just about only goal with my music is to share love with people on a local and global level. It will and is happening. Every person that I make aware of my music is one step closer to seeing/feeling/receiving love in a different way. Perceived failure at The Voice won’t stop the movement, because the movement is SOO much bigger than The Voice. Being the LOVE that I AM in every moment is a state of being and won’t be contained. Look out lovely people, I’m coming to a town near you soon ;). Much love!!!


Life Lessons, A Box of Chocolates

imageLife really is like a box of chocolates-you never know what you’re going to get UNLESS you read the map that comes in the chocolate box, or yield to greater wisdom of those who came before you. Outside of school education, life really is the greatest teacher full of lessons if we’d open ourselves to that kind of learning OR we’re bound to repeat the same mistakes with no resolutions. There is not only one path to success and everyone’s vision of success does not have to be and probably won’t be what you envision it to be. If you love someone, tell them..they might just reciprocate whether in action or words…but if love is present acknowledge it. I’m an artist, but I’m also a yoga practitioner, part time meditator, and lover of all things metaphysical in nature, I love love, laughter, cuddling sessions, and other erm extra-curricular activities. I’m a multi-faceted individual and in order for me to thrive, I must allow ALL aspects to grow or I’ll be stunted. Not every job situation is created equal, not will they all fulfill your individual needs or standards; it’s ok to want more, because you’re worth more. Don’t give up on working towards what you want just because you haven’t gotten there yet….perhaps there are more lessons to learn. There are universal laws that help to govern this world that we exist in that don’t give a fuck about your race, religion, sexual orientation or perceived gender. The law of attraction for example…

Parents mean well, but it is not the end of the world if you don’t live up to their “standards.” A lot of parents unknowingly attempt to live vicariously through their children. After this phase is over, and the children have an understanding of who the personally are as an individual, is when both parties begin to blossom.

Having patience as to how and when things manifest in your life is essential. If you don’t have patience, you’ll learn the hard way…like I’ve done on multiple occasions.

If you need help, ask for it. There’s nothing worse than your ego preventing you from receiving all that the universe has to offer…but again if you don’t get this lesson, you will learn the hard way.

Probably the most important thing I’ve learned is that you never ever STOP learning, but the use of that attained knowledge is wisdom.

Much love and happy Friday ya’ll

Opal Rose: The Voice of the Soul