“Universal Soul”

After a long gestation period, a soulful collective of songs entitled “Universal Soul”, written by Opal Rose is about to be born. Featuring the sounds of artists Triple Threat @trethreat, Tay Black @tayblack84, William “NoonP” Jackson @judahjew, and Mars McKinns @MarsMckinns, “Universal Soul” is sure to take the musical ear on a ecstatic roller coaster ride. Reminiscent of old school R&B, neo-soul, and Jazz, “Universal Soul” will re-introduce the listener to feel good music.

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 Universal Soul

Cover Art by Carlos Galloway


Triple Threat Drops “Swisher Sweethearts”

 “Limit to Ya Luh”

by Triple Threat


Triple Threat is back and giving listeners a sneak peek of her new project, Swisher Sweethearts, with the release of the first single, “Limit to Ya Luh”. The track is the perfect teaser for the project which focuses on love and relationships. Though the subject matter is light, “Limit to Ya Luh” features a raw hip-hop sound the up-and-coming, 25 year-old emcee/producer is quickly becoming known for. Swisher Sweethearts will be released on February 14th just in time for Valentine’s Day.

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